It’s time to try something new

I restarted blogging because I just missed writing stuff after the end of my school days. Due to my field of study (Electrical Engineering) writing was something less important in most of the courses in University. So I restarted blogging to write at least in my free time.

Actually I had the thought of writing in English a long time ago. But first I was not sure if this would be a good idea in general. In addition I kind of like German as a language and preferred German due to the fact that I, needless to say (German is my first language), can express myself in German kind of good and without thinking about it. Moreover, English was not something I liked very much in the past, especially in school. I think it was because of the fact, that after changing the school the first assignment, my new English teacher gave me, was telling the class something about me (in English of course). The problem was that my old English teacher used to talk in German only and also the pupil where most of the time using German, when speaking in class. So I was kind of totally insecure and shorttaken to suddenly have to speak in English… But, that is another story.

So, where was I? Ah yes: Later on I thought that writing in English would be a good idea, but I was still insecure because of the fact, that many of the posts are recipes with the units that are used in Germany, that I wanted to keep. When I had to write a conference paper for my job in the last days, I, of course, had to write it in English. Moreover there where so many things in my life, that changed over the last months, that I knew that now is the time to just give it a try.

Long story short: From now on new posts will be written in English. Perhaps the recipes will still be written in German, because of the units, I use. Or I will write the recipes in English and just keep the units as they are used in Germany. In addition I will translate the pages and category names as well. Not now, but at a later point in time.