You know you have a geek child when…

  1. … it prefers electronic gadgets or cable over stuffed animals.
  2. … it loves (and of course touches) all available buttons, switches and controller
  3. … it compares hiking (or walking up a hill) with taking the elevator
  4. … it does not want to take the stairs if other solutions are available: Why walk when an escalator or an elevator (even better!!) is available?
  5. … it shows deep interest in scientific stuff.
  6. … it wants to “repair” all electronic stuff (yes, sometimes this means destroying some 😉
  7. … it shows deep interest on how things work (especially electronic ones)
  8. … it loves working with your brazing tools
  9. … shows some interest in video games and computer games
  10. … it loves penguins.
  11. … it is playing with a kid’s chemistry set and starts with the last experiment and hopes that something great like an explosion happens.
  12. … it wants his own pc.
  13. … it learns a programming language and programs you games as a gift.
  14. … it loves comic books/mangas.
  15. … finds a way to hack the age rating of the television