Sophie la girafe

Today I want to show you “Sophie” a caoutchouc giraffe toy for infants. Sophie is kind of famous in France and was created on May 25th in 1961. May 25th is the day of the saint Sophie and so this little toy giraffe was also named Sophie. On first sight one think that Sophie is just an ordinary toy for infants, nothing special. But all in all Sophie’s design is well-thought-out: First of all caoutchouc is a safe material and also her painting is not dangerous for the child, because food colouring is used. If the infant is teething it can chew on Sophie to assuage the pain. Her ears, her horns and her legs are just perfect for chewing on them. Also The caoutchouc material reminds the infant of the mother’s skin. In addition the infant can easily see her because of her contrastly colour (light with dark flaws). So Sophie can be easily found among other toys and can be recognised after short time. The special smelling of the caoutchouk material additionally helps. If you press Sophie she is squeaking and so the infants hearing system gets stimulated. Sophie has a flat form, has a light weight and is only 18cm big. So the infant can easily grap her.

All in all Sophie is a great first toy and most of the infants really like her!