The reason I started blogging – #14 Daily Post Topic

I don’t know the exact date or year I started blogging. It must have been in 2002 or 2003. This first blog, was some kind of online diary. So I wrote lot of entries about school, homework, what I did in my free time and that kind of stuff. I don’t really now the reason I started that first blog. I belief I was just curious about the whole blogging thing and I always loved to write: Back in school I loved to write short stories and my friends and I made various fan magazines about manga series we liked back than. In 8th grade I even wrote a whole book about three friends that travel to Japan. Okay, it was not THAT much Japan, because it centred about the feelings that arise between two of the main characters. So I had this blog and I actually made quiet a lot entries. But than I rethought the whole blogging thing and I asked myself the question who on earth would want to read blog entries about the school life, homeworks and what I did in my free time. I begin to understand that I wanted my blog to be more than just an online diary. I sort of began to write film reviews, but all in all it did not satisfy me. And so I stopped blogging.

A few years later, I started studying electrical engineering and moved into my own flat. A few month later I realized that with all that math stuff in university I kind of missed writing (In school that was not such a problem, because I took divers courses). I also kind of liked to cook, especially after self-fabricated recipes. So I started a new blog in febuary 2006 mainly to keep track of all the recipes I tried and to have a reason to write about something. I mostly wrote film reviews and posted links to other web pages. After my old blog hoster decided to stop his service, I moved the blog with all the old entries to

Today I still post new recipes, want to write more film or tv series reviews and like to post about all other things I want to blog about. And After this first few days of “Post a day” I am glad that I take part in this. “Post a day” gives me the opportunity to not only think that I may blog about this or that topic.