Summary of the first 17th days of “Post a day”

So this is the 17th post of my “Post a day” project. “Only” 348 posts to go. 😉 I must say that the project (till now) was easier than I had expected: I began this blog in February 2006 and had posted 406 until starting this project. So posting 365 posts in only one year seems pretty rough. And of course I do not want to post entries just to “post” something to fulfill “Post a day”. That was the reason I was kind of insecure first, if it is such a good idea in joining this project. I do not want the quality of my posts to suffer from “Post a day”.

On the other side I thought, that this project could help me overcome the thinking that I have no time for blogging or that though thinking about possible blog entries, I do not finally begin writing them. And this first 17th days have shown, that it is indeed possible to find the time for writing the posts and that there are many possible themes for blog posts still out there. I kind of get the feeling, that in writing more posts, it becomes even more easier to write. Although I really get to like the schedule function of 😉 It is just much more calming to know that there are some posts in the line, even if you do not find the passion or time to write a new entry.

All in all I think that “Post a day” is just one more of this things in 2011 to test my personal limits. So the project really fits into my life in this year and I am really glad I took the change in joining.


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