Bagel Brothers

Finding a good roll (or “Brötchen”, as they are called in the part of Germany I was born and raised) in a bakery is kind of difficult in Bavaria. Here the rolls are called “Semmel” and I do not like most of the Semmel’s you find in the Bavarian bakery’s. So I tried all of the bakerys in the area my flat is, but all of them with only one exception have kind of not really tasty Semmel.

But nearby I found a bagel shop: There they bake fresh bagels every day. You can have them with cream cheese, jam, peanut butter or as a sandwich (e.g. with cream cheese, salmon and onions or with egg, chives cream chesse and bacon or as a beef burger). In the morning they have breakfast offers where you can save some money compared to the solo prices. The coffee or the fresh juice tastes good as well! So if you life in Germany or come as a tourist I recommend you visit one of those bagel shops. The shops are franchise shops and are called Bagel Brothers. You can find them in Bonn, Bremen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover, Leipzig and in München (Munich). For more information visit there website on

edit: Sadly the two stores in Munich both closed.