Misunderstood – Part II

“I should probably go.” she said, still feeling uncertain about the whole situation. She wanted so desperately to make things right between them. But she just didn’t now what to do and say anymore, if he was not willing to do the same. And that’s what he’s doing, isn’t it? Otherwise he would say something. Any word would be enough. But probably he was right and there isn’t anything left to say to each other. Maybe that just should be the end. Perhaps something positive is coming out of this after all? Who knows? She not. She just knew that this relationship was this one change for real love in her life. But at least she had that luck in finding her “true love”, even if she was not able to keep it. How many people weren’t this lucky? How many people never had the change of experiencing this true love? So she should just be thankful for the time they had together. Cause the memories will stay, no matter what.


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