Today I will write about the tv series Glee. I think that most people now at least the name of the series, because Glee already won lots of awards like the Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy in 2010 and 2011. But nevertheless I want to sum-up some of the important facts about Glee: Glee is some kind of a Musical series with comedy and drama elements. It focuses on a high school Glee club named “New Directions”. The new Glee club director and Spanish teacher Will Schuester wants to restore the club to his former glory and must compete against cheerleading coast Sue Sylvester that wants to detroy the Glee club. The Glee club members must deal with social issues like there kind of non existing popularity and relationships. So the story does not sound that different than any other high school related series or film, but nevertheless the characters are very detailed, well elaborated and some are kind of crazy. And the musical scenes are just well performed. First I was unsure if I should give Glee a change and watch it. Yes, I love Musicals, was part of the school choir and like singing, but I was not sure if all this high school stuff would interest me. But I am glad, that I started watching. I must admit, that Glee will not become one of my overall favourite tv series, but it is just fun watching and I am kind of curious what happens next. So if you like music/singing and/or dancing, I encourage you to just give it a try (if you haven’t done that already 😉 ) and find out if Glee is a tv series you like.