Iphone Apps

I start this first post in the brand new Iphone category with a recommondation of a few Apps.

As a RSS reader I have NewsRack and really like it. You just type the website you want to add and NewsRack searches for RSS feads on this side for you. I never had any trouble with the pages I wanna follow.

I also use the WordPress Apo for blogging (actually I am posting this post through the App) and so far, I think the App is good. Although I did not found a way to change category names in the App and one time the App crashed and a whole (really long!) post was gone…

Then there are this kind of ‘local’ Apps like a Bavarian newspaper (Sueddeutsche), the Apps to order sth. at a delivery service, a German-English dictionary (Leo), a Webmail App, the Webcomics I read and so on.

For image editing I take genius scan and Adobe Photoshop Express, both freeware and totally sufficient (at least for me)

Of course there are many game apps. I like the role play games Surviving High School and Cause of Death where a new episode is airing every week. The now airing episode is free and you can buy the old episodes in case you missed one. If you like DinerDash you can try Burger Queen. Also the Sims Apps are kind of nice, even if they are kind of expensive. The same holds for the Mirror’s Edge App.