Indian food and Japanese noodels

In Munich (München) – Schwabing, in the “Museumsviertel” (museum neighborhood, near the so-called Pinakotheken), you can find two small, but nice restaurants with tasty food: The Indian restaurant called “Indisch Fast Food” (Barer Str. 46, 80333 München) and the Japanese noodel-bar called “Warmi Nudel Bar” (Barer Str. 56, 80799 München). The food of the “Indisch Fast Food” has nothing to do with normal fast food: It is prepared freshly after ordering and it contains fresh groceries. All main dishes have one price (5,50€) and the ones I tried, where really tasty.

If you prefare Asian food instead of Indian food, you can walk a few steps further and go to the “Warmi Nudel Bar”. The interior is kind of Japanese with the focus on Anime/Manga characters. You can choose a combination of different noodles (Udon, Ramen, rice noodles, …) and different meat, respectively a vegetarian version. Then you can either eat it as a soup or roasted with sauce. I must say, that these soups do not really taste like a Japanese noodle soups you can get in Japan, nevertheless, the stock is very tasty, you get lots of vegetables, meat and even sesame grain into your soup. So all in all the soup is very tasty, but not so much Japanese. So give the “Warmi Nudel Bar” a try, if you want a tasty soup, with Asian elements!