DinnerDesigned – exotic cooking

DinnerDesigned is a shop that opened recently near our flat (Munich, Schwabing/Maxvorstadt) and they have a very interesting concept: You can choose between various exotic recipes (approx. 4 that change every week) and buy the recipe along with the needed ingredients (exactly the amount you need) and if you want, you can also rent kitchen equipment like mortar or wok. So you do not need to go to asian or indian shops to get the exotic ingredients you need for many recipes.

I like the concept and the prices are also very reasonable. We paid 10,07€ for 2 portions of tomato curry with naan bread (1€ of it was for the two recipes). The style of the recipes was very good, because everything is well arranged. The meal we created was tasty and it was good to had everything we needed for the cooking already in the right amount in one bag. So all in all I think that we will try a new recipe at DinnerDesigned soon.

edit: Sadly the store closed in June 2011.