starbucks frappuccino ® – self made

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I really like the frappuccino ® you can buy at starbucks. So I wanted to try to get this frappuccino® taste also at home. I took various ingredients and tried them out. I post here the recipe I liked the most. Of course this recipe is NOT the original recipe of a real frappuccino ® you can buy at starbucks!!!

To make your own frappuccino® you need a blender (I also added a version where you do not need a blender) and you get the best results if you take an espresso machine (I like the frappuccino® the most, when you brew the espresso strong). But if you do not own an espresso machine it is not that bad. In the past I also tried it with coffee brewed in a senseo machine and it was still good!

For 2 portions you need:

  • 12 ice cubes
  • 4 espressos (switch the water amount to “low”)
  • 2 bags/envelopes of vanilla sugar (you can take vanillin as well, but it does not taste as good as vanilla)
  • 3-4 teaspoons cocoa
  • if you like it very sweat: 1 teaspoon sugar
  • take four times the amount of milk than you took of espresso. (e.g. if you took 100ml espresso, now take 400ml milk) (you can also prepare it without milk. It does taste a bit watery, but it is still okay, if you do not have milk at home)
  • if you like you can add other ingredients like coffee syrup or small pieces of chocolate

You must prepare the frappuccino® in the right order: First you take the ice cubes into the blender, after that the hot espressos and at the same time (!!) the milk. Last you take the sugar and the cocoa (if you would take cocoa first, it will not distribute well).  Now you mix everything on the highest operation mode for approx. 1/2 minute. The longer you mix, the more rich/creamy it gets. Now serve the frappuccino® in two glasses.

I just want to make absolutely sure that this recipe is NOT the original recipe of a starbucks frappuccino ®!!!!


Alternative without blender: Glitzermaus inspired me to this alternative recipe where you need no blender: First you need to freeze the espresso (keep in mind that through freezing or cooling down the espresso looses aroma. So this is not the ideal preparation!) or as an alternative you can make coffee ice cubes out of instant coffee powder (I wrote something about this in the next alternative, the iced coffee) and take also hot espresso. When you the frozing espresso/coffee is ready you just need to pound them to get crashed espresso/coffee. Now mix this with vanilla sugar, if you like additional sugar, cocoa and take milk and if you like (cold) milk froth.

Alternative – iced coffee: Ice cubes watery the coffee. So why not make yourself some coffee ice cubes? Take some water and instant coffee powder (you can also take decaf instant coffee powder) and put this mix into an ice-cube tray and into the freezer. To get yourself an iced coffee take this coffee ice cubes, espresso, milk froth, milk, sugar and everything else you like.