Postaday2011 Topic #55 – If you could have anything to eat right now, what would it be?

If I could have anything to eat right now (okay, perhaps not now. I would prefer it as a next meal), it would be kobe beef. This is a special beef you can only get in Japan (also there exist cultures according to the original kobe beef, but this meat is called wagyu beef! The original kobe beef is not exported from Japan) and they arise in Kobe. There meat is dark red, has a fine marbling and is extremely tender and extremely expensive (even the Wagyu rind kilo rate ranges between 200 and 300€ in Germany).

So what is so special about this beef? First of all the culturing is special: The beef only gets cereal, beet, potatoe and alfalfa food and they do not get growth hormones or antibiotics. They life in big bawn, with lots of space to walk around and the most important thing: They get massages (2 to 3 hours a day) with special gloves and rice wine to ensure that their meat gets a grease film which ensures the extremely tenderness of the meat.

I really want to taste this meat once, although it is extremely expensive. Of course I only want to eat the original Kobe beef in Japan and not the Wagyu beef. I do not want to pay lots of money only to taste an imitation. Besides I think that we already tasted Wagyu beef in a restaurant in Japan. Although I am not quite sure: It was called Wagyu beef and had the fine marbling, but the price for it was quite normal for beef.

[facts via (German only)]