Post a day challenge

I really posted a post for every single day in 2011. The first 77 days of the challenge have already passed. The first month was easy. In February I missed a few days. First I was ill, later I had no time or no inspiration to write something. But I somehow managed to fill the empty spaces. So I really posted the 77 blog posts! In the future I should really use the sheduling function more often! It is just so much more comforting to write entries for the future than to fill in the blanks for past days. So I am really happy now to not have days without posts any more! And I wanna try to write more of the longer posts and not to post just pictures or so. Even if I am posting every day, I want to keep at least a bit of the quality I want my posts to have.

All in all I am really glad that I took the chance participating in the post a day challenge! It really changed the way I thought about blogging. And I see now, that it is indeed possible to post often and not to write just about your day routine or something I rather want to keep private. I can understand that some people may see blogging as a virtual diary. But I on the other hand do not want to write about that kind of private stuff. All in all one should never forget, that everything written down on the net will stay visible to other people a long time. So you should really think about the stuff you write. And you should make yourself one fact clear: Somethings you might think and feel now might change in the future. Especially when you are still a child. And even if your thinking and your opinions do not change during growing up the way you say or write about it does. Because of this I thought in the past that blogging was nothing I wanted to do. But all in all now I found a way for me to bring all this thoughts and blogging in line. I know what I write about and I also know the things I will not write about. With this post I do not say that I find it generally wrong to write about private stuff. I just want you guys to generally think about what you want to write about and what you do not! I think after really thinking about this and the fact that once written it may stay online forever, you will not regret what you wrote about in the past anytime in the future.

Now I just wanted to wish all the other post a day challenge blogger that their inspiration for new blog posts will stay!!! At least as long as this challenge still goes on 😉