I really, really love the scheduling function. It is somehow like blogging into the future. And of course knowing that you will fulfill the post a day challenge also some days in the future is a great side effect! Okay, normally you schedule your posts for just some days in the future. But of course you could also let several month or even years past until your entry becomes visible to the world wide web.
This reminds me about a web service I found several years ago: With it you were able to send an email into the future. Okay… in reality you wrote the mail, send it and this web service holds on to the mail until the desired day and sends it to the addressee. I liked the idea and also tried it and send a mail to myself. Unfortunally I forgot the day I send the mail to and I also forgot what this mail was about. But perhaps I will get the mail at some point in the future, if the web service still exists (I can’t remeber the name of it).
The same thing that fascinated me about the past about this mail to the future webservice, now fascinates me about scheduling. I am writting this post today and it will not appear in my blog until some days have passed. And sometimes the world changes a lot in a few days, like it did after the catastrophe in Japan. So that is the danger in scheduling posts: One never knows if somethinh changes in the days between writing and posting. This reminds me of a German tv series called Lindenstrasse: They scheduled an episode with the name “Super Gau”, but after the event in Japan they changed this episodes name to something else.