Ipad 2

I think about buying the new Ipad 2. I want to use it for my scientific work for university (reading paper, writing sum-ups, preparing presentations, …). I imaging that it would be quite nice to use the Ipad sitting outside in the summer and working. Of course i could use my laptop (I even thought about buying a tablet laptop like the Lenovo X201 tablet), because then I would have no problems with the windows based tools I use. But all in all the Windows touch version is not really comfortable. All the other Ipad-like alternatives like the Samsung galaxy pad are not suitable in my opinion, because with an android based OS or a completely new OS I would have just more problems with the software than I already would have with the Ipad. And I own an Iphone, so I can use all the Apps that I already bought there also on the Ipad. Also the size and weight are kind of okay with the Ipad 2. So I will see how lucky I am in trying to by my very own Ipad 2. Here in Germany it will be on sale this Friday, at least thats the last information I have. I do not know, if they will really keep this date, because of all the things that happened in Japan. I read that Apple depends on some parts that are exclusively manufactered in Japan. But lets just hope for the best. Not just for Apple, but more importantly for Japan and the Japanese people!