Stuff you shouldn’t write in an exam


It is really terrifying how ill-prepared some students are in exams. Okay, I really understand that you do not like every subject you must take during your course of studies, but I think that you should at least try to revise the important stuff. Most of the times this is all it takes to at least pass the exams, even if your grade is not good. But how can you go to an exam when you not even know the basic facts!? A very good example what you shouldn’t write is the following. And yes, this is something a student really wrote in an exam!! (Okay, the student did not paint a flower, but I wanted to anonymous this case. So yes, the picture you see with this entry is not the real painting this student painted.) The student wrote that he does not know how to solve the problem and that he will paint something instead. And so this student painted a flower…