Ipad 2

I have my Ipad a few weeks now and I have not written about my experiences with it.
All in all the Ipad is great: The screen is so much nicer compared to the Iphone and I found a nice Pdf-Viewer program called GoodReader. My main reason to buy the Ipad was to be able to read papers and other university stuff on it. So I am really glad with GoodReader: You can read nearly every document type and the marks and comments I added with my Windows Pdf reader program (PDF X change viewer) are also visible and editable with GoodReader. Of course you can also add new comments and marks. But I really wish that Microsoft will also add an Office App to the Appstore, because with the existing solutions you are indeed able to open Word documents, but you can get trouble with formatting. Also I must say that the Apple Office App (Pages) is quite nice, even if it costs 8€ or something like that.
I also like playing games on the Ipad. I haven’t tryed that many games, but some are really nice even if most of the good games are quite expensive.
Oh yes and I almost forgot to mention the calender you can find preinstalled on the Ipad. I like its design and I think that the calender is very well-arranged. There is just one fact that I dislike: When you add appointments to you Ipad or Iphone you need MobileMe if you wanna make a backup copy using Itunes. But I am glad, because my university offers our mailaccounts plus calender with Microsoft Exchange. So I store all the appointments in the Exchange calender and let the Ipad show them.