Munich Maxvorstadt/Schwabing pizza guide

When I just started my diploma thesis at the university chair I am currently working at, someone finished his thesis and so he bought pizza for all of us. The pizza was very tasty and he said, that he tried all pizza restaurants near by with some friends and that this pizza was the best that they ate. Since I do not remember the name of the restaurant and everyone I asked about couldn’t remember either, I thought about trying the pizza restaurants near by and so hopefully find that particular pizza. And since the pizza in the restaurant I sometimes went is not as good as it was, I always wanted to try new restaurants. Normally we do not go to an italian pizza restaurant, but buy the pizza in the franchise restaurant Joeys: The pizza at this place does not really taste like an italian pizza, but it is very tasty, they take very fresh ingredients (and make fresh dough every day) and they deliver very fast. But sometimes I want a pizza that tastes more italian. So I will make a list in this blog post about pizza restaurants in Munich Maxvorstadt/Schwabing and I will update it regulary. First of all, I must say that all the pizza I tried in Munich was somehow good. So keep in mind that all the pizza restaurants I mention are places you can go and have a more or less good pizza. I think it really depends on the way you like your pizza, if you should go to this or that restaurant.

Da Claudio, Amalienstr. 53: I tried pizza hawaii (take-away 6€, to-stay: 7€) The pizza had plenty of topping. The taste was not bad, but also not very good. It was a little bit salty, the dough was somehow tasteless and the cheese was not very tasty as well. The dough was not very thin and the size of the pizza was normal. All in all you can find better places, also it is not a real bad pizza restaurant.