Sabo Charm

I finally decided to buy a charm chain. A few years ago I thought about buying a charm chain or armband. From all the brands that offer charms I always liked Thomas Sabo the most: There charms have sweet little carabiner and I also like there bright colours and the contrast and there very detailed style of the charms. But in the past I had not bought it because of mainly two reasons: I would have taken an armband over the chain, because you can put more charms on an armband (on a chain you can take three in the maximal chase (I would not recommend taking three, because they will hang over each other)). But I thought that the charms will annoy me when I am writting. The second reason was that I could not decide which charms to take: They must fit to each other in terms of colour and style and I wanted to have some which have a special meaning to me.
In the last time I thought more seriously about finally buying Sabo charms. And now I have finally decided to buy a silver ball chain with a little penguin charm. I actually planed to buy two charms, but I did not find a second one that fits the penguin AND has some kind of meaning to me. Perhaps I will go through the charm collection and search for a nice counterpart.