Fruit spits with chocolate marshmellow sauce

Kind of fast cookable, but very delicious dessert: For 6 spits with sauce you need:
1 banana
about 24 strawbeeries
1 tablespoon lemon juice
about 10g butter
100g chocolate
about 8 big marshmellows
100 ml cream
A bit cinnamon and vanilla
6 spits (put the spits for about 30 min into water)

For the fruit spits:
First you need to cut the banana into small pieces and wash the strawberries. Than you put the banana pieces and strawberries on the 6 spits. Now melt the butter, put the lemon juice and the cinnamom into it and apply this butter-lemon sauce onto the fruit spits. Now The fruit spits need to roast for about 5 minutes on a grill (do not forget to roast them from all sides!).

For the sauce:
Put chocolate, cream and marshmallows into a pot and let everything melt on a small temperature. When the sauce is ready but some vanilla extract into it and serve it with the fruit spits.