Bubble tea shops

As mentioned in another blog post, there are two Bubble tea shops in Munich at the moment: It’s the Cafe Sunshine (near Isartor) and the Bubble t (between Rindermarkt & Viktualienmarkt). We now also visited the Cafe Sunshine, that was the first Bubble tea shop that opened in Munich. Well, I think both shops are quite nice: Usually the Bubble t is quiet full, since it is located directly in the city centre. So sometimes you must wait quiet long. Cafe Sunshine was nearly empty, when we visited it. At Cafe Sunshine you must pay 4€ at the moment for your Bubble Tea, at Bubble t you can choose between short and small (3,20€ and 4,20€ at the moment). Bubble t only offers Bubble tea drinks and a small amount of other bottles (e.g. Fiji water or coconut drink). At Cafe Sunshine you can also get coffee. The design is in both shops nice, but totally different: Cafe Sunshine looks more like a small, normal coffee shop, where the Bubble t is very modern (most used colour is white) and plays lood, modern asian music. Ah and one more thing: At Bubble t they are able to seal your drink, so you can take it with you without any problems, if you prefer to drink it later.
So both places are nice and you should see for yourself with place you like more.

Also there will be four new Bubble tea shops under the name Meito (I think that they are connected to the Bubble t, because they advertise for them in front of the Bubble t shop). And the best thing is that one of the shops is near by!