Munich restaurants – Cafes

In this article I will list Cafes in Munich, that I visited (at least one time) and like:

Coffee shops:

Starbucks (various places): I like Starbucks coffee, although the coffee is quiet expensive. Also the cake and other sweets are mostly tasty. My favorite is the Rasperry White Cheesecake. Since there are various Starbucks in Munich, I do not have one particular Starbucks I use to go to.
Starbucks website

Coffee Fellows (various places): A coffee shop similar to Starbucks. The coffee is cheaper, but only a few cents, but in my opinion, it does not taste that good as the Starbucks coffee. The only exception I tried so far, is the Iced Caramel Machiato. I think it tastes great! Also there bagel taste good. Okay, not as good as the ones in our beloved Bagel Brothers restaurant. But unfortunately this restaurant closed here in Munich. There are various coffee shops of Coffee Fellows all over the city.
Coffee Fellows website

Vits (Rumfordstr. 49, 80469 München): This shop is really fantastic: The coffee is really, really great (if not the best) and they also are a coffee roasters and sell the coffee beans or powder. If you want to know something about coffee, coffee beans or coffee brewing methods, they might be helpful.
Vits website

Batty Barista (Barerstr. 42, 80799 München) is not a coffee chain. The coffee there is tasty and the price is okay: 3,10€ for a large cappuccino. I never tried something to eat there.
Batty Baristas Website



Wir machen Cupcakes (Utzschneiderstr. 12, 80469 München): A very small shop near Viktualienmarkt, that offers tasty and nice looking cupcakes. Also I usually do not like cupcakes that much (too much creme on it), I like the one you can buy there. Especially since they look so lovely! You can also let them design cupcakes specially for you. The cupcakes there cost around 2 to 4€.
Wir machen Cupcakes website

Boogie Donuts (Blumenstr. 1, 80331): The Boogie Donuts is also located near the Viktualienmarkt. There donuts taste wonderful. When they have chocolate on top it is not couverture, but real chocolate. The filling does not taste too chemical (sometimes marmelade is used) and they taste fresh and fluffy.
Boogie Donuts website

Donuts & Candies (Georgenstr. 41, 80799 München) is another shop that offers self made donuts. They taste also good, but compared to the Boogie Donuts, I prefer the ones from Boogie Donuts, even if they are a bit more expensive and slighty smaller. But never the less, the donuts at Donuts & Candies are good.
Donuts & Candies


Ice cream:

Balla Beni (Theresienstr. 46, 80333 München): Very tasty ice cream, unusual sorts (like mint-milk or chocolate-ginger) but also quiet expensive (1,3€ per cone in this year) and usually long line of people. It is open from around February till around October.
Balla Beni website

Sarcletti (Nymphenburgerstr. 155, 80634 München): There ice cream is also good, many, many sorts, but mostly quiet normal sorts.
Sarcletti website



The Victorian Tea House (various places): This is an english tea house, that offers tasty tea, good breakfast and also cakes or lunch/dinner.
The Victorian Tea House website