Munich restaurants – fast food / snack bar

So in this article I wanted to add fast food or snack bar places. Fast food is not meant in the sense of fast food chains like Mc Donald’s or Burger King. I rather mean small restaurants with little or no space to eat the food there:

Indisches Fast Food (Barerstr. 46, 80333 München): Although this indian restaurant has the word “fast food” in it, it has nothing to do with typical fast food: All in all the food there is very good (we tried out quite a lot of indian restaurants and the only better place we found so far was the Swagat restaurant that was recommend to us by an Indian work mate of mine) and quite cheap (around 5 to 6 Euro). We usually take the food there to go, because the place is very small. Across the street is a nice park where you could eat your food in the summer time.


Tokami take away (Theresienstr. 54, 80333 München): Besides the real japanese Tokami restaurant is the Tokami take away. There you can get Sushi (never tried it, since I do not like Sushi in general) and 3 to 4 different dishes each day (usually one of them is fried noodles. You can get all dishes with or without meat and you can choose between a normal or small portion. Also you can eat it directly in the small shop or take it with you. The prices are between 4 and 6€ for the normal portion.

Curry 73 Stromberg (Schmankerlgassn, Stachus UG, entry Karstadt/Bahnhof, Bahnhofsplatz 7, 80335 München): In the newly renovated Stachus UG you can find lots of small snack bars. In the following I will recommend some of them to you. I start with the Curry 73. This is the second shop of the Curry 73 and they sell good (!) tasting currywurst. (And no, a good currywurst is NOT a bratwurst with curry powder, even if not all parts of Germany seem to know this. And yes, the currywurst you usually get in Bavarian is a bratwurst with curry powder…).


Dean & David (various places all over Germany, e.g. in the Stachus UG): I kind of like this chain. Okay, the things they sell are a bit expensive. But they use fresh ingredients and all things i tried where tasty. They offer salad (for 8€ deposit you can get a big plastic box that is really great! I now use this box for other to go snack bars), sandwiches, curry and juices.

Dean & David website


Panem (various placed all over Munich, e.g. in the Stachus UG): This shop has very tasty sandwiches and other stuff like coffee, juice, yoghurt or salad. Compared to the Dean & David it is really hart to tell which sandwiches taste better. I think I can just say that both taste good, but very different. So try for yourself.

Panem website