New gadgets

What is even better than having one Thinkpad? Right, having two of them.



I actually have now two up-to-date Thinkpads (X121e and the X220), yeah and also this impressive Dell U2412M monitor. You can put this monitor in every angle you like (even from landscape format to panel format), rotate the base and tilt the display. A cool feature is also the two USB ports this monitor has on the left side.
But what use has a monitor without the right computer to attach, so I am really glad with the two Thinkpads, especially looking forward to test the i7Core with its 8 GB ram and the IPS LED TFT of the X220 (the display seems really, really great on first view. I will write more detailed about the two laptops somewhere in the future (the X121e I own quite a while now, the X220 is photographed directly out of the box)