I will try to blog more in the future. I tried the Post A Day Challenge in the last year, but really failed and stopped with it. But I also realized that when I try to blog every day, like in the challenge, I even post nonsense articles just to have some kind of article posted. So I will not blog every day (I know the last days I had, but this was only because I blogged many articles at once and just made them visible day after day), but at least try to post the interesting articles I have in mind. When I think about it, I have so many ideas (some are even 1-2 years old) what I could blog about: new gadgets (my coffee maker which I already own for nearly 2 years without blogging about it, my new Thinkpads (yes, next week my second new Thinkpad will arrive and I do not even blog about the first one), new printer, …), nice programs (like a cool timer for presentations) and other stuff like the so called Ökokiste where you get fruit and vegetables once a week delivered directly to your home. Oh yes and there are even some Starbucks mugs I have not shown here!
And as I said before: I will blog in German and English now. For some stuff it makes really no sense to blog it in English (like the Ökokiste that only exists in Germany or restaurants here in Munich. And also for most of the recipes it does not make sense). So just lets see how it will work with multi-lingual blog posts.


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