– Additional software

I do geocaching for quite a while now. I really like the idea to spend time outside, not just walking or spending time in the park, but having something more to do. You can find geocaches nearly everywhere. There are easy ones you just need to find and ones where you must solve riddles first to find the right coordinates. So you can make either simple geocaching tours or harder ones.

I search for geocaches and log my finds by using I already owned a 1 year premium membership and think about making a new premiu supscription. But I wanted to make it easier to search for geocaches, put a tour together and put the coordinates into the my Garmin gps device.
And I found two really great applications that make it a lot easier to organize caching tours:

The first one is a script for the firefox extension greasemonkey for the website. It is called GC Tour and adds a sidebar to the side and some additional buttons in the detailed cache sides and the geocache maps. Now you are able to put geocaches you like to the GC Tour list and later print the whole list out with just one click, send it to your gps device or download the .gpx file. I use that tool to print out the whole list (to have the additional information given in the cache detail side with me. I also have my Iphone with the App, but not everywhere the internet is available or fast and I do not want to wait to long to see the information I want) and make the .gpx file.You can find GC tours here.

To get the .gpx file of a tour to my Garmi gps device (I one one with an usb port to directly link it with my computer), I use a second program called EasyGPS. It is provides by and can exchange tracks and waypoints between computer and gps device. So you could also just take MapSource that is delivered with the Garmin gps device, but MapSource has some problems with the .gpx file format. You can find EasyGPS here.

This two tools make it a lot easier for me to organize my geocaching tours. Before I used my Iphone to look up additional information to the caches. But sometimes when the connection to the internet was not great, it took quite a while. Or I wrote this stuff down by hand before the tour, which was also not a great solution. Then I putted in the cache coordinates by hand into the gps device which also took a while. Now this process does take much less time. So more time left for actually searching and finding geocaches! 🙂