Joy and hate

The last few days I spend definitely too much time with gcc compile stuff trying to get an old c program running on my newer linux system work. Why can’t people just release programs that are useable and not some ‘thing’ where the main important output it is usually needed for is just missing! So you ‘just’ have to add some lines in the C code to generate a file with write mode and stuff this file with the needed outputs. Sounds easy? Yes, indeed, but after that you need to re-compile the code and that’s when the fun begins…. No, I do not want to change Makefiles and use a gcc compiler version from 1997 (!!!!!!) ever again. Oh and did I mention the fact that this program does not even have a Readme or Howto file? No, somebody must have thought that it would be more fun when users need to go through the c code and play a bit around in order to find out the full potential of the program…
Yes, after using this program I am somehow a bit happy about the fact that some other OS’s try to limit the stuff users need (or can) do with the system. But I know this feeling will not last for long…. 😉