Life with a cat

I could really adapt to a life with a cat as a pet. I am having Tippi as a fostering cat and I have not really much to complain about since Tippi is really lovely: She liked to cuddle, she has not destroyed anything by now, she kind of obeys, she managed not to escape into the house corridor, she loved to play with a laserpointer and she has not done anything evil like scratching or biting. So it is really not her fault, but a cat is not really the right animal for us: No, it is not the fact that it takes some time to feed her, empty/refill her cat toilet or playing/cuddling with her. But I do not like having her sit on the furniture (she can even sit on a small corner of the washbowl). Yes, I put her down, that is not the problem, she usually even jumps down herself. But I do not know what she does when nobody is looking at night or when she is home alone. Since she has her food in the kitchen and the cat toilet in the bathroom, I find it a bit unhygienic to put food on the cupboards or toothbrush on the washbowl. This is the reason I, for example, put the eating mats only during meals on the table and clean the whole table before every meal. I also do not put anything food related down in the kitchen, the used dishes are directly cleaned or put in the dishwasher. This extra-work is also not really a problem for me, since I nevertheless normally clean everything directly. But sometimes you just have no time or desire to do it in an instant and drink a coffee first or just wait half an hour or so. With Tippi around I can not stand it and do all the things (and even some things more like putting the eating mats in the cupboards) directly. Even so, this unhygienic feeling somehow stays a bit.
Another reason is the hair that is falling/lying around. Since the cat is not on the ground like a dog or living in a cage like a rabbit, you have them really everywhere.
Oh, and I totally do not like the fact that cats eat meat or fish. It smells not really good.
A total different thing is the fact that our potential cat could only live in the house and not outside. I would also not let her in all the rooms everytime. I do not think that she would like this very much… A second cat is also really not an option.
When cuddling with Tippi I have some difficulties in not thinking about how painful it would be, if she would scratch me. When I was a child, friend of mine had a cat. And when I visited her the first time and played with her cat, the cat just scratched me during cuddling without any warning or reason. My friend told me that this is normal for her cat. After that day I never came close to this monster-cat again. So I have the fear that ‘our’ cat might also be a bit ‘crazy’ (many people have told me about there crazy cats, so it seems to me that the amount of crazy cats is not neglectable small…).

So all in all, rabbits are the pet of choice for me! They live in a cage, eat good smelling food, stay on the ground, bring at least some intelligence to play with them, have soft fur and can not bite/scratch too painful. Of course they can bite on cables/furniture, pee on the floor, leave there hair around, need care and attention, you need to clean the cage, give food, bring them to the doctore, let them run outside there cage and I am sure you can find more negative things. But you have some disadvantages with every pet. And on the other hand lies the fact that life with a pet is really great, if you open up to it and take your time thinking about if and what animal would be the right pet for you.