Iphone 5

I finally got the new iphone. I had to take a few obstacles on the way to my new phone: First of all I had some problems with extending my mobile contract. So I was not able to extend it online. Of course I only found this information on the afternoon on the day you could reserve an iphone 5 (the whole day before the website of my mobile contract firm was offline). I finally managed to reserve an iphone directly on the apple website (after having problems with the payment via credit card). Of course at that time of the day the delivery date of the phone was scheduled in 2 weeks…Then I just needed to visit a shop of my mobile contract firm and extend the contract there. I also got a nano-sim card without any problems.

I got lucky and the phone was shipped earlier. And since I was really stressed at work (presentation on a conference) it would have not helped me if I would have gotten the way already on Friday, the first selling day. So the timing was really perfect: In the next weeks I will just have to start working hard again (next presentation and poster session is already waiting…).

But as I got the notice of the shipment, I finally looked on the internet about information on problems with the new phone and found out that it is really common to get a iphone with scrapes in the aluminium. So I was worried how my phone will look like. When I finally got the phone after long hours of waiting for the Hermes parcel guy, I finally got the new iphone in my hands and: It does not have any scrapes at all! And I have not found any other errors by now. But I wanted to make sure that the phone stays without any scrapes and made a trip to the city to find myself a case and protective sheet. After searching a few shops I finally found a good case. The protective sheets where not available anywhere… Hope the ones I ordered only will arrive soon…

Then I had problems with Itunes: I first needed to sync all the data on my old iphone with it, but could not get a connection to the store: The internet connection besides ITunes was functioning and ITunes itself told me that the internet connection was functioning but that it is still not possible to use the store. After trying it several times, re-installing itunes and waiting, I found a solution to my problem on the web: I just needed to run the Windows command shell (cmd) as an administrator and reset the Windows sockets via the command netsh Winsock reset . After that you just have to restart the computer. That luckily solved the problem. After that it took, again, some time to wait until my 224 new buyings where transferred to ITunes (yes, I should to this more often… I only put the phone on ITunes every couple of months.

Activating the nanosim, restoring the backup of my old phone (I did this via using the iCloud) and configuration was, luckily not a problem at all.