Best tv series ‘proposal’

I must say I really liked the ‘proposal’ Michael did to Nikita. It came quite unexpected, although it was obvious that it would happen someday.
It might seem unromantic to most, but it was not only perfect for a ‘agent’-couple, but also romantic and sweet from a Geek’s point of view:
Michael: “Give me the damn glock!”
Nikita: “Where are you going?”
Michael: “To get your damn engagement ring”.
After this conversation the look and distracted behaviour of Nikita was just perfect in the situation.
Later on the more ‘classic’ proposal with Michael on his knees.
Nikitas: “You had me at ‘give me the damn glock”.

I always liked Birkhoff (at least in season two) the most and sometimes was a bit sad that they did not pair him with Nikita. But I think an agent guy like Nikita joining her on missions is a more suitable guy for her. So it fits like it is…

Whoah, I think I can not decide which tv couple I like the most at the moment: Castle & Beckett or Nikita & Michael. Both are completely different, but just enjoing to watch. I just hope they spare us with too much relationship drama… Especially spare us with splitting them up…