Playmobil Bavarian Alpin cabin – with LED lightning

A few weeks ago Playmobil published a new series in Germany: The Bavarian alp series: I bought two of the sets they offer: The cable railway with mountain station and a alpine cabin. Especially the alpine cabin is wonderful: There are two figure with ‘Lederhose’ and ‘Dirndl’ (traditional Bavarian costume), a card game, ‘Brotzeit’ trayes and, of course, ‘Maßkrüge’ (stein, glass for beer). Since the Maßkrüge were empty I filled them with yellow and white putty to imitate beer.
The next idea was to add some lights to the alpine cabin. So I just bought some LED light stripes: I used warm-white LED’s: In the ground floor there are 9 and in the top floor there are 3 LED’s. The LED stripes I bought have bonding sheed on the back and you just simply need to add some cable on plus and minus pole and attach it to 12 V DC voltage. So I also bought a power supply to get the desired input voltage. You can buy the stripe in long length and you are able to cut them after every 3 LED’s (so after every 3 LED’s there is a plus and minus pole). To attach the cable and fix it in the desired place is simple and easy (took me about have an hour) and is not expensive (11€ for the LED stripes, 10 for the power supply cable). And the effect is quite cool (just have a look on the pictures). I am also thinking to add some stripes on other places. 😉