Matcha frappuccino at Starbucks

I waited nearly 5 years for this moment: They now (at least in the summer) Matcha Frappuccino in german Starbucks stores! Back in 2008 when I made my last travel to Japan, they where selling Matcha Frappucino in the Starbucks stores in Tokyo. I totally loved them and back in Germany I hoped that I could buy them in German Starbucks stores as well (and did not think that they ever will sell them here…). But then Bubble tea became popular there and I was again thinking about the Matcha Frappucino and thought, that now would be the perfect time for them to sell it here in Germany. And now you can actually buy them here. I think they taste like the ones in Tokyo… okay, not completelly: If I remember correct the ones in Tokyo did not taste so sweet and you were able to taste the matcha more, but well, the German Matcha Frappuccino is quite good. I recomend you the Matcha Frappucino with an extra shot coffee. I liked that version in Japan.