If you love somebody…

If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. If they don’t, they never were.
Kahlil Gibran

I kind of like this quote. It is short and simple, but yet it can be used in so many situations: Love, friendship, child-parent relationships, basically this quote can be applied for all relationsships between people:

For love it’s obvious: Of course it does not make sense to force somebody into a relationship he/she not longer wants. So it is better to let somebody go and perhaps you are lucky and this person changes his/her mind and comes to the conclusion that the decision to leave was wrong. In this case you get him/her back and perhaps this one try might last forever. If not , he/she never was as committed to this relationship than you were (Or perhaps even you might learn that you don’t want him/her back. In this case it is for the better that the relationship is off…).

The same applies for friendship, but also on the child-parent relationship (or other family related relationships): Children must come to the point were they are set free from their parents: I mean, this is the way nature (normally) takes: The older die before the younger. So at some point children must stand on their own feed and (the most important thing) have learned (!) to live their lifes on their own and were able to really find themselfes. So if parents love their children they will set them free and let them make their own decisions and mistakes (you need to make mistakes in order to learn from them!). The children will need some time to sort out their own life, but after some time they might ‘return’ to their parents: Now the relationship between parents and child has changed, sine it is on the same level (both involved parties have the same rights and same status). But I think the relationship is even deeper than before and lasting for the whole life. On the other hand: If you have treat your children badly, they might not ‘return’: Thinking of parents abusing their children (no matter if this is in a physical or mental way!), this is the right you have (and should have) as a young adult to say no to this treatment. No one has the right to abuse you or treat you with disrespect.

Yes , of course: People make mistakes, so it is wise to reassess your opinion from time to time and see if something changed. And yes, in general people learn from their mistakes and don’t want to hurt others (especially their own children). BUT: There are people that do not learn from mistakes, making them all over again, not reflecting and not even caring if they hurt somebodies feelings…..

Coming back to the quote: I think it makes sense and I like it very much: Simple, short, but expressing so much.

And what you should learn from it? Believe in your feelings, even if the other is leaving and give the people around you some space (if they need any). True love/relationship will come back, if both share the same feelings. Perhaps you might even find out that your own feelings have changed and it was just not meant to be.
And most important: Be yourself and keep on to your feelings, BUT don’t force anybody to stay with you just because you want to: If you force somebody, you will create a relationship that is not real (but just show) and neither you not the other person can find happyness with it!