Wii Fit U – Extreme testing

A few weeks ago I bought myself the Wii U. Some interesting games were already released for it, I was using my old Wii quite regular. So all in all it was time for a system update. I am glad that I updated to the Wii U: The community features inside games (e.g . in Super Mario Bros. U you can post comments regarding individual levels and you can read comments from others.) are funny and fun to use. I kind of like them (even if I am not someone commeting or reading comments very often on the web).

Of course, I also bought Wii Fit U: I kind of like the idea behind the Wii Fit series: It is a fun family activity and really encourages you do regularly practice and change your overall lifestyle (e.g. taking the stairs instead of elevators) into a more healthy lifestyle. Okay, I shouldn’t (and don’t want to) loose any pounds, so it is not really useful for me in the sense to use it as a diet program (or in addition to a diet), but nevertheless it is fun to use.

The new Wii U game pad is nicely integrated in Wii Fit U (additional exercises use the game pad, you can make face pictures during body check to compare the changes in your face if you loose weight, you can make pictures of your Mii if someone else is playing). The new games are really cool: I think the coolest one is the server game. You use your game pad as a plate and have to balance it in order to keep the food you get on it. You have to serve the food to people standing around. It is really fun to play! And it is especially funny to play this with some frienda around.

You can also buy a Wii Fit Meter now. This keeps track of your activity during the day: It keeps track of your steps (together with the activity you do like light activity, walking, running, …), the temperature and shows some nice graphs regarding this. About 10 years ago I used a tamagotchi that was able to keep track of your foodsteps. Of course the Wii Fit meter is smaller, lighter and offers so much more details…. I kind of like the thing.

From an engineer (and geeks) points of view, I like it even more: I had the Wii Fit meter still attached to my jeans when I washed the jeans. Of course , the thing was dead when I found it (still attached to the jeans) in the washing machine. I quickly took a screwdriver and opened the screws to let it dry. I was possitively surprised that the thing even had screws to open it (okay I haven’t checked if the complete circuit is visible then since the screws where special and I had no screwdriver for them in the rush to dry the thing). After drying I tryed turning it on again and really: It was functioning again! Just the time was wrong. All functions still there. So I just had to reset the clock with the Wii Fit U software. But now the best thing: In Wii Fit U you can access the history of your activity with nice graphs. Different colours show you the type of activity. And, exactly: The time the meter had spend inside(!) the washing machine was also recorded!!! It was recorded as running and ascending! Now I love this thing even more. 😉

I just hope the USB stick I also washed together with the jeans and the Wii Fit meter is as robust as the meter and will show me the data I saved there. Otherwise : Nintendo, please produce USB sticks as robust as the Wii Fit U meter I would definitely buy those!