Everyone but you will be less – Part 3, but every end is the begin of something new

The following text is part of a short-story series consisting out of three parts. If you have missed the beginning, follow this link to read the first part or this link to read the second part.

Sara was cleaning up her room, when she found the old letter. The old letter she wrote to him, but never send. She unfolds and reads it. Yes, everything she wrote, was right: She was in love with him, in general, she liked the time with him (even despite the fact, that he kind of had two sides: The one she loved and another, really different one, that drove her friends apart, made her unable to understand or appreciate his behavior), he kind of helped her to really find herself and gave her the courage to be herself. She learned to conquer the world alone, not needing to rely on anybody else. She sometimes still thinks about their relationship, wanting to find some closure WHY he acted the way he did? But more because she was curious how it was possible for anyone to act like this. Not because she needed to know for her own good. Despite their past’s, everybody has the free will to decide what they wanna do in life and what not. All things were his own, free decisions. He might have had a troubled past (at least that’s what she assumed), but nevertheless, persons can change, if they just try hard enough. He HAD A CHOICE! It doesn’t matter why he acted as foolish and bad as he did, the fact, that he DID act like this, was all that she needed to know! If being with her, was not worth conquering his old demons, this whole relationship was not worth a dime. She was understanding his troubles, being the one he claimed he wanted to be for her, but all understanding, all logical explanations do not help at all. At some point, she wanted him to act on his talking. Prove just a little bit that he was willing to fight for them on her side. She didn’t care if he was really unable or was not honest with her or even lied to her. Besides, she would never find out what REALLY was the matter with him. So it was the total right decision to let him go and afterwards break their commitment, at least for her.

She was still unsure what to wish for in life: She was able to be on her own now, not needing another relationship. Despite all, she had a good time with him and their relationship got her closer in understanding what love is all about. But she wanted to be right the next time. Although she knew that you can never know for sure, what is behind another person’s mind. This was even more clear to her, than in the past. But nevertheless, there are people out there that deserve her trust. If she would stop trusting other people, she properly would end up being alone and would be better off this way. But she wanted to keep her faith in others. Eventually she might find somebody that was worth trying a relationship with. Her whole life was lying ahead of her. She had enough time to wait and find out what life holds up for her. Whatever it would be, she was sure she would enjoy it.

Every end is the begin of something new.