Computers – “Repair” and Update Session

I wanted to structure the computers I have and use a bit better:

I have a Thinkpad X220 from work with Ubuntu for working stuff.
(Of course there is also my desktop pc at work…)

Then I have a Thinkpad X1 Carbon: This is the computer I usually use. I use it for personal stuff, work related stuff, it has Itunes, Exchange (from work) with my work-mails and (most important) my calender (work/personal) and some other programs I use.

I have a Desktop PC with Ubuntu for data storage and email storage (I have one mail account I access directly on my iphone, I can access the others ones from this PC).

I have a Raspberry Pi (Modell B) with Openelec as a media computer: It has a backup of my DVD collection. Openelec is quite nice: It offers a nice menu where you see the movies, some short description and so on and you can control it with the xbmc iphone app directly from the phone. The only thing missing is “standard” webbrowser:
I have satellit tv in my flat, but don’t want to have a receiver. I also do not watch much the normal tv program (the few things I watch are also available online directly from the television transmitters). At the moment I just watch the stuff on my Thinkpad, but I got the idea that I could simply take my data storage desktop PC, connect it to the TV and use it also for streaming from the television transmitter websites. On the Raspberr Pi streaming is difficult: You get problems with the usually necessary (for streaming) Flash Player and I also read that it is too slow for really using it for streaming. Also my Wii U did not have the necessary version of the Flash Player, so it was also not possible to use it for this kind of application.

Last but not least: My old media-computer: It was used for watching DVDs and other media before I got my Raspberry Pi. I havent’t really used it afterwards. But now I will install Ubuntu on this one an will use it purely for online banking. I havent’t used online banking up to now because of the security risks there… But I mean: The bank will nevertheless store your informations and transfers somewhere, so this point against online banking is out… The next thing: Trojaners could access your online banking account or someone could hack into it: If I use one pc purely for online banking, only type in the adress manually, don’t click any links, the risks are minimized. Of course: Use a strong password and change it often. 🙂

But for using desktop and old-media pc, I had to “repair” them (okay, if you call fixing the CMOS checksum error a repair 😉 ) and change some components: I exchanged the graphic cards (the desktop/streaming PC needs to be connected to the TV now and I wanted to use the HDMI port of the old media PC’s graphic card), bought a new PCI Wlan Card (put this in the desktop/streaming PC and the old one from there in the old media PC).

Really a fun evening. 🙂 Everything is functioning as it should and I did not get any problem (at least so far, the desktop/streaming PC is finished, but I have to install Ubuntu on the media PC which shouldn’t cause any problems).

/Update: Everything is finished and working as it should. Although… I should really update the mainboard and RAM of the desktop/streaming PC: Streaming is functioning, but a bit slow (or was it just because I tested it with ARD where a WM game is shown and too many people are watching?! I will test tomorrow again…)