It is interesting how you kind of get to “know” your neighbours that are living across the street. I live in an upper floor flat at the corner of two streets (some windows going to one street and some others going to the other street) and you can see inside lots of flats.

There are the ones that shut their roller blind nearly all day: There is even one flat that I have never ever seen without shut curtains (and those are really think ones where  you can definitely not see through…). And one window is always open (even in cold winter).

Or the woman always cooking in the evening for about one hour for her and her husband.

Then there is the girl who recently split with her boyfriend (at least he stopped visiting her in her flat) and that changes her cloth usually not far from the window.

Some guy (he had already moved out) that always had his gym shoes on the window sill (the one that is outside).

One guy that kind of always plays some video game on his computer (or is doing other things on his computer). He also loves to drink ice tea (or coke) and has even some folded moving boxes right what is fascinating about video games: I mean, I had a computer and played games since I was four. But playing nearly all the time? This guy is living there about 1 or 2 year now… There are so much better, more fun things, you can do. I really don’t get it…