Loom Bands

I recently tried out creating bracelets, rings and letters out of loom bands and really like it. There are lots of Youtube videos available. My favourite (by now) are animal bracelets: I already created a rabbit and a cat bracelet:


I tried out bands from three different firms, but so far all of them where quite good. It’s just interesting that all three smell differently. Also the original Rainbow looms are a bit more elastic (might increase the life time of the creations).

One good thing is the original Rainbow loom (a board with clips to create stuff out of the loom bands) and the metal hook. First I used some plastic hook, but especially when using more bands (for example in the animal-bracelets), it’s much more comfortable to use the metal hook. I also think that most of the plastic hooks will break after some creations…

Next thing I want to create are some figures that are useable as a key chain. And I also saw a video tutorial on smartphone covers. That might also be interesting!

Some of the bracelet-creations I have done so far: