Slyrs Whiskey

I recently found a bavarian whiskey brand: Slyrs (I just love the name) from the Schliersee. I ordered the 50 ml version of their Single Malt, the Liqueur and the Alpine Herbs Liqueur. The Single Malt is really tasty. The Liqueur should be better with ice or in coffee or dessert. It is tasty, but not cold it tastes a bit too sweet after drinking a bit of it. Kind of reminds me a bit of the Liqueur 43. And the small bottles are so sweet. 😉

IMG_4381 I also bought the cherry confiture (haven’t tried it) and the Karamell Guadl (butter caramel bonbons without any alcohol). The Guadl’s are really great! Unbelievable, but they really taste a bit like the whiskey. I think I will buy a bigger bottle of the Single Malt or the Liqueur (tomorrow I will try it with ice cubes first). Also: Delivery was really fast (just 24 hours)!!