Easter Eggs DIY

Plastic easter eggs coloured with acryl colour and pearl maker pens (I used a white one for the bunny):

Instead of the pearl maker pens you can also put small glitter-pieces onto the egg (as long as the acryl colour hasn’t dried).

You can also glue parchment paper onto the plastic eggs:



Loom Bands

I recently tried out creating bracelets, rings and letters out of loom bands and really like it. There are lots of Youtube videos available. My favourite (by now) are animal bracelets: I already created a rabbit and a cat bracelet:


I tried out bands from three different firms, but so far all of them where quite good. It’s just interesting that all three smell differently. Also the original Rainbow looms are a bit more elastic (might increase the life time of the creations).

One good thing is the original Rainbow loom (a board with clips to create stuff out of the loom bands) and the metal hook. First I used some plastic hook, but especially when using more bands (for example in the animal-bracelets), it’s much more comfortable to use the metal hook. I also think that most of the plastic hooks will break after some creations…

Next thing I want to create are some figures that are useable as a key chain. And I also saw a video tutorial on smartphone covers. That might also be interesting!

Some of the bracelet-creations I have done so far:


Merry Christmas

I wish you all a merry christmas. In this year’s Advent season the weather was not Christmas weather, but with nice decoration, crafts, christmas music and spending time with the people you love, it still feels like Christmas. So I hope you also enjoyed the Advent season and have a nice christmas eve as well.IMG_3405(Although I just used the Advent wreath with electronic candles this year, I still used some real ones for the picture.)



… kann Weihnachten (fast) kommen: Einige Bastelarbeiten sind schon fertig: Ich kann die Kombination aus Holz mit Acrylfarben bemalt und Perlenmakern verziert nur empfehlen. Der Lebkuchen sieht tatsächlich so echt aus , dass ihn bereits jemand für echten Lebkuchen gehalten hat. Einziger Nachteil an den Perlenmaker-Stiften: Die Verzierung klebt leicht (auch nach dem Trocknen): Legt man ein damit verziertes Holzstück unter ein anderes bleibt die verzierte Stelle manchmal an der oberen Holzplatte hängen. Da könnte sich die Lagerung dieser Basteleien teilweise schwierig gestalten….

Auch die Idee der Fädelfiguren mit Stickgarn finde ich gelungen. Ich denke diese Fädelfiguren würden sich gerade am Weihnachtsbaum sehr gut machen, weil man noch durch sie hindurch schauen kann.

Jetzt fehlt nur noch die Fertigstellung des Adventskranzes: Echte Zweige im Adventskranz gefallen mir zwar, aber meist fangen sie irgendwann doch an zu nadeln. Deshalb habe ich eine Filzvarianze erstellt. Der Grundkranz ist schon fertig. Nun fehlt noch Verzierung und natürlich das Wichtigste, die Kerzen.


Playmobil Bavarian Alpin cabin – with LED lightning

A few weeks ago Playmobil published a new series in Germany: The Bavarian alp series: I bought two of the sets they offer: The cable railway with mountain station and a alpine cabin. Especially the alpine cabin is wonderful: There are two figure with ‘Lederhose’ and ‘Dirndl’ (traditional Bavarian costume), a card game, ‘Brotzeit’ trayes and, of course, ‘Maßkrüge’ (stein, glass for beer). Since the Maßkrüge were empty I filled them with yellow and white putty to imitate beer.
The next idea was to add some lights to the alpine cabin. So I just bought some LED light stripes: I used warm-white LED’s: In the ground floor there are 9 and in the top floor there are 3 LED’s. The LED stripes I bought have bonding sheed on the back and you just simply need to add some cable on plus and minus pole and attach it to 12 V DC voltage. So I also bought a power supply to get the desired input voltage. You can buy the stripe in long length and you are able to cut them after every 3 LED’s (so after every 3 LED’s there is a plus and minus pole). To attach the cable and fix it in the desired place is simple and easy (took me about have an hour) and is not expensive (11€ for the LED stripes, 10 for the power supply cable). And the effect is quite cool (just have a look on the pictures). I am also thinking to add some stripes on other places. 😉