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Vor einiger Zeit hat in München ein Katzencafe mit Namen Cafe Katzentempel eröffnet. Das besondere an diesem Cafe mit veganen Spezialitäten ist die Tatsache, dass dort 4 Katzen leben. Das Cafe bietet jede Menge Schlaf- und Klettermöglichkeiten für die Vierbeiner und es gibt auch einen Bereich, den nur den Katzen vorbehalten ist, damit sich die Katzen auch mal zurückziehen können. Die Katzen zeigen sich meist verschmust und haben uns freiwillig und freundlich alle 4 (!) “begrüsst”. Es gibt auch jede Menge Spielzeug mit denen sich der Besucher bedienen kann um mit den Katzen spielen zu können, woran die Katzen bei unserem Besuch auch sehr großen Spaß hatten. Auch das vegane Essen dort ist sehr lecker, sodass wir bestimmt öfter vorbeischauen werden.



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Your home – Blog stick

Updated version of a blog stick I found in 2008 at Stöckchen-Blog.

The house:
In what kind of house are you living? Multi-family house
Look of the entrance hall/corridor? The entrance hall and the corridor are looking very nice: Marmoreal wall, wood stairs with carpet, stone ground.
Stair: Wood or stone?? Wood
Floor you are living? 5th floor
Colour of your entrance door (indoor, outdoor)? grey

Your home:
Do you have a balcony? no
High wall (old building) or ‘normal’ ceiling height? normal ceiling height
How many windows has your home? 7
Which colour have floor tile and the wall (tile) in your bath? floor tiles are tinged with dark grey and wall tiles are tinged with light grey. Both colours are hard to describe, but they look nice and the best: You do not see any dirt on them! Perfect!!
Bath tube or shower? Bath tube you can also shower in (with geekish shower curtain).
Which colour has the kitchen floor (tile) and wall? The wall is white. The countertop tiles are light brown. The kitchen floor tile has light grey colour and stone appearance. The same is true as for the bath tiles: The colours are hard to describe, but they look nice and you can not see any dirt on them!
Laminate, PVC flooring or carpet? None of the mentioned: Nice parquet floor (despite kitchen, bath and storeroom).
Colour of your living room? in my case: living room combined with workroom: white (with wall decor (pictures, white board, …) and wall tattoos)
Colour of your bedroom? Also white with wall decor (pictures) and wall tattoos
Location of your computer? One in the bedroom, one in the living/work-room. My laptops are usually in the living/work-room

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If you are living in Germany, Switzerland, France or Austria and want to buy unusual, mostly technical related and nevertheless kind of useful things you should probably visit the online shop pearl.de They offer software, hardware, gadgets, accessories (e.g. Iphone, Ipad, DS), toys, office supplies and other stuff. When you register for there newsletter you get to know there newest offers. Sometimes they actually offer free stuff (limited amount) (the current free offer is a silver chain with hanger) when you pay the shipping costs or order other stuff, too. I buy now and then stuff at pearl.de and so far I never experienced any kind of trouble. I even got myself one of the free offers: A set of Lego-imitation building blocks. So perhaps you wanna visit there shop and see for yourself.

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Do you have problems with the multiplication of  large numbers? Or do you have kids and want to show them an easy way to multiply two numbers? Then you should probably watch the following video.

I think this method is really useful. With it the only difficult thing left when doing multiplications is the drawing of straight lines. 😉

[via gizmodo.com]

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Hermann, a big rabbit

Before I tell you about Hermann, I must first tell you my story of “big” rabbits:

Before I moved to Munich I bought a new pet to take it with me to Munich. It was a rabbit named iuno. I originally wanted a small and little race, because my first flat in Munich had just 30 m². But the pet shop sold me iuno, a so-called “Mini-Lop”. What I did not know at this point was, that “Mini-Lops”  are small for a Lop, but do not belong to the smallest races. So her size was basically the main reason, why iuno just lived for half a year with me in Munich. Now she is living with her companion Bajazzo in a garden house in the garden of my parents.

Hermann is a lot bigger than iuno. He weighs 7,7 kg, his ears measuring at 21 cm (the whole rabbit is just under a meter long) and he eats 2 (!) kg of food a day. I do not know if the data of Hermann is correct, because I did just find some newspaper posts about him and a myspace site with no data about him. I also did not find any German posts about him, although he is (or was?) living in Germany (Berlin). But nevertheless I found the following amazing picture of Hermann.


Check Big Herms resigned expression as Donny struggles with my girth!

(found in the photo section of http://www.myspace.com/hermanbigbunny)

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I wish writing and publishing a scientific paper would be nowadays as easy as in 1974 to publish the “Unsuccessfull self-treatment of a case of “Writer’s Block” (“Journal of applied behavior analysis” Nr. 3, 1974).
Here you can find the original version of the paper.

Seems that nowadays it IS still as easy as in 1974: Here you can find a replication published in the same journal, just 33 years later.

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Auf cracked.com (Hier ist nur die zweite Seite verlinkt, der Link unten auf der Cracked.com Seite führt zur ersten Seite!) gibt es eine Auflistung der 10 geekigsten Möbelstücke.
Ganz besonders toll ist der Rubik’s Cube Kaffeetisch. Das Scrabble-Sofa sieht zwar auch nett, aber zugleich nicht sonderlich bequem aus. Weitergehend gibt es auf der Seite (jellio.com), wo der Rubik’s Cube Tisch für 600$ bestellt werden kann, auch noch andere tolle Sachen: Beispielsweise einen Jojo-Tisch oder Lampen im Gummibären-Design.

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